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Crooked Teeth is a recently established Literary Magazine based out of San Francisco, California. Our second issue, "Fall of the City" will be released this coming October.  We publish a physical magazine quarterly, and we electronically publish a wide variety of content on our website in between issues. We are dedicated to the promotion of artists and art in all forms from poetry to music, fiction to visual art, to the various little quirks of the city. If you have an artistic talent in any way, shape, or form, we probably want to see it. Community and honesty are our core philosophies. While our main theme is urban life, we encourage our submitters to think broadly about the term. Think about what it means to you. Urban art could just be work created by urban artists, or it could be an intense stab into the soul of your city. Don't be afraid to write about topics like politics, sex, addiction, abuse, or anything else that might seem controversial. Also, don't be afraid to be mellow. A typical love letter becomes a work of art in the right hands. We stand by the right of the artist to speak on any topic they want so long as it's done in an insightful way.


Welcome to the Revolution. Help us lead the Renaissance.


Reality falls from Chapped lips and crooked teeth