Anabell Martinez

Anabell Martinez is currently an English (Creative Writing) Major and Art Minor at San Francisco State University. The first time she volunteered to read one of her first written stories was in Elementary school at the age of seven. Anabell Martinez had found fruit writing and painting about her culture and her experiences as a Latina and a woman living in California. She is first generation born in the United States and first in her family to go to college. She is the eldest in her family and loves her two younger sisters who have reminded her to keep her identity unhidden with pride.

A sample of:

Tenant by Anabell Martinez

you and I

they do not know what to do with us

that is why your children run home holding hands

that is why you double check the front door when you leave your children home alone

that is why you grip your steering wheel whenever you see the sirens pass on the freeway

and that is why the taintless sit with their privilege unguarded while you sit in your car during the

thirty minute break

that is why they exclude you and I

that is why we carry the taint of our histories and families like stickers on our trucks

and are watched when we step outside of the borders they invisibly placed around our homes that is why

they fixed us into a block

where they substitute our clean water plumbing with liquor stores

and filled the limited breathing space with fumes of overused oil and greased excuses for dinner that is

the consequence of being dragged into a reality where the truth once kissed us in the mouth promised us with better lives in locations with no sidewalks and places where only roads could reach

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