Celina Mcmanus

Celina McManus came from the hills of East Tennessee to Twin Cities, Minnesota to further strengthen her poet brain. She writes fiery and strange poetry, children's books with okapi lead characters, and reads too much Ray Bradbury and not enough Ntozake Shange. Her current writing life consists mostly of a picture book project with Saint Paul Public Schools in collaboration with Marvin Roger Anderson on Saint Paul's historic black neighborhood, Rondo.

A sample of:

i am the scar by Celina McManus

Serve, boy, be a man.

Serve, girl, be a host of color.

Learn, child, fill your brain to the brim

with nectar and honey and milk and sweets—

because when you’re grown, you will no longer remain pure.

Other is your name, not mine. I have no name, only apricot, never bronzed. We name mystery, oceans of intellect—fruit named hate we’ve translated into other.

Yes, other is the name of sin.

Speak for my understanding.

Run to me and become purple.

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