Clive Matson

Clive Matson began his career as a poet among the Beats in 1960s Greenwich Village. He was mentored and influenced by Allen Ginsberg, John Wieners and Herbert

Huncke. His first book of poetry, Mainline to the Heart, was published by Diane di Prima’s Poets Press. Matson has published nine volumes of poetry, and has two more books in production. A fixture in the Bay Area for over 40 years, he is also a Creative Writing teacher and author of a popular textbook on writing, Let the Crazy Child Write. He frequently performs his works in Bay Area reading venues with the accompaniment of cellist Gael Alcock, a tradition employed by many of the Beat poets.

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A sample of:

Hello, Paradise. Paradise, Good-bye

By Clive Matson

Power poles and buildings line up in rows,

crosses and tombstones in the twilight glow

and people crowd the streets below

from school to work to market to home

                    and bedroom ease,

from church to bar to restaurant to car

                    and doorway cubby hole.

Yes, we can preen, we can don our grubs

and city clothes,

                        promenade the tile-paved walks

and sashay through spinning doors

into the sugar air of shops

routinely stacked with ribbons, glitz, and gold.

We can glide by plate glass windows,

dressed and cleaned-up, tidied skeletons

with wide open astonished eyes,

                                stunned, bloodshot, wise.

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