Ed Lujan

Ed Lujan: Gone with the wind, and just as romantic. This Poet, named after a coastal whirlwind, resides in Chico, California, and is a student of their renowned Departamento de Teatro Y Musica. When asked, hobbies include, walking, dancing, and living a healthy, ghost dog, singing menudo peaceful life. Did I mention dancing? He is the king of hips, look at him go! Favorite song to dance to- I beg your pardon (I never promised you a rose garden) by Kon Kan.

one of the poems featured from ed lujan included an ekphrastic poem (a poem inspired by another medium of art) titled Brain barf

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A Sample of:

Normal House by Ed Lujan

Traveling is when you cannot get off the couch

to the pinnacle christmas tree

      unicorn melting head. The head quarters,

which is my band name, Bob Dylan,

The Band, their waltz. Life is a witch. Rainbow of wine bottles

   scenic painting project, the sevenelements,

gutter Lagunitas, mickeys on the shelf,

   Band Master Ruckus on new years eve R.I.P

quail oak , ravens wood , flickin

scenic portrait of a tree on a cliff, caked with smoke.

Red Sauran fan party bulb acid loops, old moon.

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