Q1: Can anyone submit? Do I have to live in the USA? Do I have to be a certain age?

A1: We accept work from anyone and everyone, anywhere in the world, of any age. 

Q2: When is your current deadline?

A2: The deadline for our fourth issue is May 4, 2019. Any works submitted after this deadline will be considered for our fifth issue, release date TBA. 

Q3: When will I find out if my piece has been accepted or not?

A3: We will be in touch with every submitter via email as soon as the final decisions are made. Generally, submitters can expect an acceptance or rejection email two to three weeks after the deadline closes.
**(This is an estimate. For the second issue, it took months due to the amount of submissions and problems with funding). 

Q4: Do you accept work that's previously been published?

A4: Yes! As long as you have the rights to it, send it in. 

Q5: Do you offer a stipend for published artists?

A5: Unfortunately, we do not offer compensation as of right now, as printing costs are extremely expensive and we are against charging a submission fee (as it compromises the accessibility for artists). However, it is on our timeline to eventually offer a stipend to artists as Crooked Teeth grows as a magazine and a publishing house. Right now, all of our donations and profits are used to cover our costs. (The editors currently do not make any salary or wage from the magazine). Again, we have plans to change this as we grow because we firmly believe that artists should be compensated! 


If you have any additional questions, feel free to fill out the form below or contact us directly by sending an email to 

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