Crooked Teeth initially formed in April 2017 to connect a wide variety of isolated literary communities, offering writers and artists a platform for authentic self-expression during increasingly tumultuous times. Since then, our vision has expanded, moving beyond our biannual magazine publication, offering more opportunities for artists to have safe and accessible spaces for their work.

The editors recognize their privileges as editors (and therefore gatekeepers in publishing). At Crooked Teeth, we want to foster an artistic environment that encourages creativity, sharing without fear of judgement or harassment, and removes any senses of bureaucracy or academia, which can isolate people and invalidate valuable voices. We work to remove pretension, as every person and every community has a place in the arts.

We are devoted to supporting the arts, keeping magazines and literature in print (there is something special about holding a physical copy in your hands), and searching for threads of truth, vulnerability, and connection in every work we publish.

No matter how big Crooked Teeth grows to be, we intend to stay true to the spirit we founded it on–the spirit that keeps us grounded in our art. It’s an energy within us, a soul-deep desire to create in order to stay alive, an energy that propels us into transformation, empathy, and understanding. The spirit of an artist.