Down by the bay

While crooked teeth is an international platform meant to recognize artists of national origin, we do keep a special place in our hearts for the bay area. San francisco state brought the editors together, the art house in BERKELEY gave us our first stage for the Issue release party of Summer in the city, and overall the bay has been a home base for us. As a way of giving back here are some cool bay area based artists to support. 


LEX (Alex Sun Lui)

Based out of Berkeley, this nerdcore rapper is something worth checking out. With funny, but insightful songs ranging in topics from body acceptance to moving to the states for her young adult life , her music is a rare find in the music industry these days.

She's competing to preform at the 20th street block party. Go check out and support her!


 Photo by: Victor Owens

Clive Matson

Based out of Oakland,  this after generational Beat poet was trained by Allen Ginsberg. His first collection of poetry was published by Diane Di Prima and he has spent his life on the literary scene. He is also a close friend of the Crooked Teeth team and a mentor to our Editor-in-Chief, Andrew Halsig. He was influential in the creation of Crooked Teeth and we are proud to support him.

He is currently raising funds to travel to Paris and give a lecture on the lesser known Beats. Go check out and support him!

 Photo by:  Jasmine Amber Stade    

Dash Danger

Based out of San Jose, Dash Danger is part of an alternative duo. They've done shows around the Bay Area and just released their first CD. His music is both relaxing and unique.

Here's the link to his album. Go check out and support him!