The Teeth in our mouth

Meet the Editors


Cori Amato Hartwig

Cori Amato Hartwig is a co-founder of Crooked Teeth and currently serves as Crooked Teeth’s fiction, visual art, and music editor. She is also the fiction editor at San Francisco State University’s Transfer Magazine. Cori enjoys coffee, dogs, playing music (people can listen to her debut album Not For Nothing on Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, and all the other places musicians sell out to. Google her), over-sharing about her life through art, and writing all the time. Fuck donald trump.


Julia Masalska

Julia Masalska is a designer and visual artist born in Ukraine; she migrated to Germany and is currently living and working in San Francisco. She currently serves as Crooked Teeth’s graphic designer. She has been working on various design projects in China, Germany and India where she worked for a year. Her artistic side came out at a very young age. She can remember standing out as a kid and intensely observing the world around her. Her art is showing the result of exploration of objects in her environment. Instagram: @scanned_art Facebook: @scannedart


Jaden C. Kilmer

Jaden C. Kilmer lives with one foot in the Bay Area and one foot in New England. He is a walking dichotomy of rural and urban, realism and fantasy, avocado and chowder, Raiders and Red Sox. He is an editor at 14hills magazine, and his story "Empty Spaces" was published in Transfer. Jaden is a co-founder of Crooked Teeth and currently serves as fiction editor.




Chandler Fitchett

Chandler Fitchett is the head poetry editor of Crooked Teeth and also currently serves as the co-poetry editor for San Francisco State University’s undergraduate literary publication, Transfer Magazine. She has resided in San Francisco for the last four years and has loved every minute of it- so much so that she has found herself using the word, “Hella,” unironically. When she’s not tinkering with the crafting of experimental poetry, she enjoys creating collages, watching horribly dubbed episodes of Sailor Moon, filling herself up with copious amounts of coffee, sipping on Piña coladas, getting caught in the rain, and resisting the patriarchy.

Andrew Teudis Halsig

Andrew Teudis Halsig is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Crooked Teeth. Born and raised in Southern California, Andrew grew up in the city of La Habra in Orange County. At seventeen, with a love of Allen Ginsberg, Diane Di Prima, and Jack Kerouac he made his first life adventure up to San Francisco State University for college. After a year of Twin Peaks midnight drives and Japantown days he found himself on his way to Seoul, South Korea. He spent a year studying at Yonsei University and traveling around the nearby countries. He's done poetry readings around the Bay Area including readings for Bay Area Generations and The Browning Society.

Living is itself a form of writing.