Dominique Hua

Dominique Hua is a student currently studying for her BA in English Literature at University College London. She wrote, bound and published her first book aged seven, which explored the complexities of living as a rainbow mermaid. She has been unpublished ever since, something due, on the most part, to the advent of Twitter, where you can find her at @cockolatespread having a natter about literature, feminism, politics, living in London and the Struggle.

A Sample Of:

managing your meatsuit

by Dominique Hua

what no one has told you is that

your body

is rock hard armour of soft flesh

and balled up tiny fist

against the sharp dark night

that you have no agency over.

weak at the knees

and sight going like static on the telly

you weed yourself after you fainted,

cold urine seeping through a body out


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