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Hello and Welcome

to our inaugural issue ”Summer in the City” I am Andrew Halsig, the Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of Crooked Teeth. Over the past few months we have spent countless hours reaching out into the community, reading amazing works of poetry and fiction, and trying to blend all the art into a fun, but honest representation of urban life.


You might be thinking, why the obsession with urban life? Our pipe dream of a magazine found inspiration in a few ways. Crooked Teeth was first inspired by a song with the same name from the band by Death Cab For Cutie. The more specific inspiration being the following line: “Cause at night the sun in retreat, made the skyline look like crooked teeth, in the mouth of a man who was devouring, us both.” In the last few years, we have seen our society come to recognize the divisions that have always kept us apart. We have seen our society grapple with its own identity and commit a plethora of injustices based on gender, race, place of birth, age, sexuality--the list of things to discriminate for is endless. Crooked Teeth is a platform that hopes to offer a place to discuss, learn, and appreciate each other through the art that we make. We live in an era where our government is not only failing us and devouring us, but is also threatening pieces of our own community.

It should be stated clearly: Crooked Teeth is not a political magazine. We are a magazine that wants to build community, explore real life, and appreciate art as a whole. While we do not intend take any specific political stances at this time, it is impossible to ignore how the socio-economic and political climates of our world affects the art produced in it. The truest moral shared among all of the editors at Crooked Teeth is a simple mantra “Truth is Sacred”. From this blurb came our tagline: “Reality falls from chapped lips and crooked teeth.” We believe that a messy, outspoken, and honest piece is infinitely more valuable than an over-saturated imitation of art that is corporate and void of life.


I would like to take a moment to tell you about the amazing team that put this together. Crooked Teeth was born with four initial editors: Cori Hartwig, Estrellita Ruiz, Jaden Kilmer, and myself. Unfortunately life responsibilities forced Estrellita Ruiz to step away from the project, but not before providing us with our first-ever logo, helping us decide on our name, and putting countless hours into reaching out to the community. We know one day she will be a back to join the team, and we will always be ready to accept her with open arms. A week later we found Chandler Fitchett to join our dream, and she has been right by our side ever since.


Cori Hartwig holds a number of responsibilities including: fiction editor, music editor, visual arts editor, and deals with almost all of our social media accounts. She is a musician with an album available across nearly every streaming service including Spotify and SoundCloud. She is also a published writer of short fiction and a lover of visual art. She is one of the most intelligent, capable, and caring people I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and I am positive this magazine would not be here today without her being my partner at the reins every step of the way.


Chandler, the poetry editor, is a wonderful free spirit with a heart warming personality and a genuine love of people and writing. She is new to the publishing world, but the growth that we’ve seen since the start of this project leaves no doubt in my mind that she will continue to be an extremely valuable member of the team. Jaden, the fiction editor, is a wacky pessimist with a bit of a positive side. His blunt honesty about the quality of a piece and snappy one liners has brought smiles to our exhausting meetings. Everyone at Crooked Teeth is an artist, writer, music, poet, or some combination of all of these things. We are here for passion, community, truth, and fun--that is why I truly believe that Crooked Teeth will find a home in the world.


A special thanks also goes out to Julia Malaska from Scanned. She has been almost one hundred percent of the design team behind our magazine. Her work is spectacular and speaks for itself. We would not have been able to put our dreams together without the selfless passion she put forth right from the first moment she found the project.


While I would love to make an exhaustive list of everyone who has helped us along the way, I fear we’d have to publish a separate magazine with just names. A special thanks goes out to Asha Ganpat and Clive Matson for agreeing to be the first featured artists and for showing so much encouragement along the way.


The last person I would like to thank is you. Crooked Teeth is a community based magazine that can only exist with passionate creatives and passionate readers. By reading our first issue you have joined the revolution, and we’re honored to have you aboard. Please feel free to submit your work, give us suggestions, or even just drop us a line. You’re part of the team now and we hope to see you every step of the way.



Andy (Andrew) Halsig

Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief