Inés Fung

Inés Fung is a psychology student currently based in Hong Kong and has been an avid writer since the age of 6. She draws inspiration from her experiences struggling with mental illnesses, an intrinsic study in romantic relationships, and living as a third culture kid. She has a deep appreciation for the collaboration of old and new, and is deeply interested in the subtle beauty of human interactions. She is heavily inspired by the works of Raymond Carver, Charles Bukowski, and the films of Wong Kar Wai.

A sample of:

Picnic by Inés Fung

 Picnic by Inés Fung (Photo and Poetry)

Picnic by Inés Fung (Photo and Poetry)

I didn’t realize how loud seagulls could be.

We were strolling down the boardwalk, the stops had just began to open.

We burnt red and golds, harbouring the sunrise. All around us the world shifted: Glittering turquoise waves melted with the spotted azure sky.

The seagulls were joined by children on their first excursions, friends and loved ones gathering to share their lives in the delicate morning air. In the distance the carnival played a tune, bells jingling, a seduction into a kaleidoscope of innocence.

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