Letter from the Editor: The Return of Crooked Teeth

To our incredible Crooked Teeth audience/family–

After six long months of a rudely unannounced hiatus, Crooked Teeth is back and ready to rock. Unfortunately, the first half of 2018 set out to kill us. In January, I was hospitalized with anorexia, at risk for cardiac arrest. Andrew, my co-editor-in-chief, was in England experiencing exhilarating highs and terrifying lows, also ending up in the hospital in April to begin recovery relating to mental health issues. In our lengthy periods of (ongoing) recovery and management, Crooked Teeth fell lower on our priority lists.

Our last issue, Winter in the City (originally titled Fall of the City, but its publication was delayed due to funding issues and above mentioned personal turmoil), fell flat–not due to content, but because of a lack of funding/resources, and avoidable miscommunications between editors during the production process. I did not want to put out another issue ever again that had its quality compromised just to put out an issue. Again, the pieces published in Winter in the City were not at fault–they were amazing. That is why we published them. However, the manner in which they were published–hastily and with a lack of attention to some basic details that make or break a magazine–was not acceptable. After multiple major revisions, the version of Winter in the City that is currently available in our shop is up to the standard that we originally set out to achieve.

Now that we are collectively in better places, the editors have decided to take Crooked Teeth out of its hiatus and revamp it, still with that same energy that has propelled us to the forefront of the up-and-coming literary magazine community.

The editors are happy to announce Crooked Teeth’s return with a call for submissions for our third issue, scheduled to come out in print and digitally in December 2018. The deadline for submissions is October 20, 2018. For more information on submissions, please visit crookedteethlitmag.com/submit. If you have already submitted for the third issue (during our hiatus), you will receive an email asking you to resubmit to avoid conflicts with simultaneous submissions to other publications and/or previously published works.

We have many amazing publications and projects coming your way and numerous opportunities for people to get involved. Check out crookedteethlitmag.com/opportunities for more on different ways to collaborate with us and our artistic community.

I am eternally grateful for the amount of continual support and patience we receive from our followers, readers, and contributors. Over these treacherous six months, we still had people reaching out, submitting, wanting to get involved, and expressing their devotion to and support of the arts, community, vulnerability, and the search of truth. This is the spirit that grounds us in our work and motivates us to continue to provide a safe and accessible platform for artists and audiences. This is what we are here for.

With much gratitude,

Cori Amato Hartwig
Co-Founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief of Crooked Teeth Literary Magazine