Sophia Tempest Parsons

Sophia Tempest Parsons is a student, poet, and Sagittarius based in Austin, Texas. Her interests besides poetry includes collecting porcelain dolls and not knowing how to swim.

a Sample of:

If your body is a memory, mine is an absence**

by Sophia Tempest Parsons

We did ketamine in your bedroom and compared sob stories at three in the morning. You thought you’d won because you’re better at telling stories, but I hadn’t pulled out the big guns yet. You kissed me the first time we watch Norwegian Wood and I should have taken it as a warning sign that you think it’s a perfect adaptation. You were so sincere it made me uncomfortable.


The first time you realized you love me was in Toronto when I got blackout drunk and called you a misogynist. You were embarrassed of your dry skin but it I loved it because it reminded me of my mother. When I told you that you didn’t take offense.

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