The In-Between

A note from the Editor:

Hello all! This is Andy, the Editor-in-chief of Crooked Teeth. Here is a small explanation of the In-between. I am religious man. I am not a religious man. I believe that when the universe began our Sunday church gathering involved a lot more wine, talking, and love. I believe there is a heaven and a hell. I believe the In-Between to be a place between existence and non-existence. Thus was born this section of the website. From time to time we'll put bonus content up here. This could be a blog by a wayward traveler. This could be a video of knife juggling brother's from New Mexico. This could be anything and everything because the In-between exists as a place outside of existence and therefore has no rules. Just love, fun, and a hint of revolution. 


Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief

Your friend

Andrew Halsig

Street Art

Sometimes art is so raw and fluid it can best be seen in real life! This section of the in-between will be filled with wacky street performers. Sometimes in San Francisco, sometimes in Seattle, sometimes in Korea, sometimes in Europe- the point is the location is only a fun fact. 

Old Shows

We hope to pick up a lot of memories as Crooked Teeth continues on it's journey. This section of the In-Between will be dedicated to the height of our experience. The shows for us are the highlight of the entire project. We get to see so many amazing writers, poets, artists, musicians, photographers, dreamers, schemers, and hippie rebels. Here are some of our favorite moments: